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healthcare advisor for women

Your Healthcare Advocate 

Healthcare Resource

Your Health. Our Mission.

Navigating healthcare takes a human touch.

Your Healthcare Advocate bridges the gap in women's healthcare to help ensure your best care.


Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

We provide guidance to expecting parents and those seeking to get pregnant including preconception planning and infertility treatments. From personalized birth plans to understanding when a C-section is medically necessary, we advocate for you.

Pregnancy Healthcare Advisor
Well-Women Care
Women Practicing Yoga

Well-Women Care

All of us want to live long, healthy lives. Attaining that goal requires having a lifelong health maintenance plan, which we will help you to create. Additionally, we will pay special attention to the relationship between your reproductive history and your heart health as new science and data indicates a strong linkage to your overall health that many providers are not currently tracking.

Woman speaking to doctor
Navigating The
Medical Maze

Ever feel like you leave your doctor’s appointment with more questions than answers? We can help you prepare a thorough list of questions before your doctor’s visit and can provide guidance on next steps after your visit. 

Negaotiating the medical maze
Expert Advocacy
Woman using microscope
Bridging the Gap with Expert Advocacy

You are the CEO of your own healthcare. We will provide you with informed, independent guidance to help you make the best decisions

Pregnancy Scan

Optimize Your

Health Visits

Most people like to bring a trusted family member or friend with them when they go to the doctor. We can be that trusted person to help you get the most from your telehealth and in-person visits with thoroughly researched questions and expert guidance.

Optimize your health visits



Helping you get unbiased, thoughtful, individualized healthcare advice in today’s complex medical systems. Providing advocacy for women’s health issues from teenage years throughout a women’s lifespan.

We are happy to help you with... 

Client-Centered Care



Independent & Unbiased Information

Independent & Unbiased Information

Navigating Medical Systems


Medical Systems

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care

Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making

Vera Sichko RN, CNM


Vera Sichko RN, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), MS  has been delivering client-centric care by advocating for each patient she has served in a variety of clinical settings for more than 32 years. She created Your Healthcare Advocate to provide her clients with independent, unbiased healthcare information so they can make informed decisions. 

Vera believes quality healthcare occurs when individuals take charge of their own healthcare. She believes in the importance of empowering individuals in today’s complex, impersonal healthcare system. She achieves this goal by listening, establishing trust with her clients, and by sharing her expertise gleaned from decades of providing topnotch women’s healthcare at several  leading health institutions, including as a Harvard Medical Educator Fellow and as a clinician who’s delivered more than 2000 babies. 


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